My friend and I are both going to be getting subs soon. I drive a jeep grand cherokee and he has an audi a4. We are both planning on building similar boxes, so we will both be able to help each other out. I was thnking of making the subs downfiring and making the box out of mdf on three sides and make the front plexiglass. I would then put it on 2 or 3" stilts so the subs would still sound good. Then I could put some neon light below it and maybe a mirror on the bottom part.
It would look something like this.

Do you thnk that this would be a fairly simple build? Also, would I just build the main box like a regular sealed box and then just place it face down or is there some special way to design a box for downfiring subs? Do you think I could still get good sq and some spl out of this. BTW, Im probably going to get two diamond MKIIM6's powered by either a memphis 16-MC1000D or by an elemental designs nine.1 Thanks.