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    Icon30 perty please check this!!!!

    ok, i'm getting (2) pioneer TS-W305C and a soundstream XTA880.2 amp, and i want to go ported, so here it goes....a ported box 40"w X 10"H X 18" D (rectangle box)...i found the box volume calculator on and it says for a 36Hz tuned box i need (2) 3" ports at 7.399" long...does this sound right, is it ok to tune it to 36 Hz? i want decent SQ but mainly SPL...i read the sticky on box building and 36 Hz seems to be what i want, but before i invest a whole $23.00 i a sheet of MDF board i wanted to make sure it was all right...also it's going in a 90 model camaro on the back "plateau, if you will" at an angle against the glass (if that matters)also where should the ports go? on the back towards the taillights, or on the top with the subs, or does this matter...thanks for helpin a newb out, and I appreciate all the help!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: perty please check this!!!!

    Use larger'll get lots of port noise and won't really notice the increase in out put with that little cross sectional area.

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    Re: perty please check this!!!!

    id say point them back toward the trunk. but try and use at least 4" ports.

    if possible, make a rectangle port instead. it will be eaiser to get the port area you need. i read somewhere if you want more SPL;

    port area + high tuning = spl
    low tuning + medium port area = SQ

    id suggest a little lower tuning, maybe 33 or 34. then try to get near half the cone area for each driver in cross sectional area. then it will be loud!

    to get cone area, pi*radius of subwoofer cone = HALF the area of a subwoofer cone. then try to match your cross sectional area for each woofer to that number (roughly) and it will be nice and loud (and hopefully with no port noise)

    but its gonna be one large port ... =P

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