i was given two kicker solo-baric s-10's (the older round solo's) by a friend of mine whose friend was(is?) sponsored by kicker. on the woofer is sticker stating that i should not use an enclosure larger than .66 cf or speaker damage will result. i'm building a box and glassing the ouside to paint on, and was wondering if factory displacement specs compensate for speaker displacement or leave that to me. the box i am building is going to be a wedge with flat(not pointed) front, fitting on the platform behind the backseat of my camaro, i wanted it to measure (7.5back height, 4" front height) x 39w x 17deep. to compensate for it being too large, i would place walls inside deeper and put walls outside of thisto make it look like one solid box, right? the last thing i wanted to know was whether or not i should give the speakers their own separate chambers or leave them together. these speakers aren't made anymore, so they're hard to find info on so if anyone know anything i'd be sooooo appreciative thanks, g6zero