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    Box design and problems

    I currently have 2 boxes that are, as Im told, variations of an ABC box.

    Is this a good box design? Ive never seen a box like it before..nor do I know what frequency it is tuned to. What is the formula for figuring that out? The ports are a horn type.

    Im currently running:
    2 JBL 10" GTi's - wired to 3 ohm
    PG Tantrum 1200.1
    JL e6450
    Eclipse 8443 HU

    Whenever I play music such as breaking benjamin, story of the year, anything rock basically...I have to turn the bass up to get enough bass for my liking. But if I pop in a rap cd like Jay Z, Lil Jon, anything, the subs come alive. But even then, the bass isnt what it should be(I dont think) Is the PG 1200.1 enough for these? Or should I buy another PG and run each speaker off its own amp?

    These boxes are in a 02 Dodge Ram quad cab, firing forward. Should I point them a different way? I know downfiring sounds best in trucks from reading everyone else posts, but I cant exactly do that with these boxes.


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    Re: Box design and problems

    how is it figured? ABC and snailshailes, and tlines always confuse me :S

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    Re: Box design and problems

    I gave up figuring out the snailshell box. And the TL had a 5' port for a 10 I was experimenting with so I dropped that one also.

    ABC boxes are relativly easy to figure out, hard to build. Well not real hard, but it better be right.

    If using a box program, figure the box for the maximum space you can get it into, then make it have 2 ports. After the plot is good to you, buy adding or subtracting airspace and playing with the ports, divide the box into 2/3rd for the sub with 1 port and 1/3rd for the lone port. Then just use a third port of the same sixe and length and port the two chambers into each other.

    Thats the basics.

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