Last year I replaced the stock Mach POS sub with a MTX tri box. I've been wanting to upgrade with a better sub and smaller box. On a whim, I decided to take out the stock sub and I noticed there may be enough room in there for a ported/sealed 10". I know MTX makes a box, but I think I can build something better for less. I'm pretty sure someone has done a custom install and built a box to fit where the stock sub used to be. I'd love to see some pics and some comparisons to a standard box.
MTX makes a box and you can see what the area looks like in these pics.
............\________|____ |
Wheel.........Sub........Tool Kit
Besides the tool area there is around 6 square feet to work with.
14.75" x 25.187" x 6"

I'm looking for balance with some punch.... Might run an L7 or RE or something that runs 600 watts RMS. I am willing to use the rest of the space (tool area) if a square box will help.

I have room for a box if the stealth design is bad for bass. I just wanted some pro input before I started getting serious about this.