Using Bass Box Pro 6.0.18 I am getting some goofy results

I told it I wanted to use (1) RE 12" XXX

I wanted it in a vented Enclosure.

I clicked ""Suggest Fb" for the Box size, it recomened 28.94x 18.46 X 11.98


2.617^3 Internal or 2.822^3 external

For the Vent Size, I told it to use a rectangle and I clicked on ""Suggest Min Vent Area, for XMAX"

It tells me the vent should be like 6.537x 6.537 and 87.16" Long...

The two probs I have are it wants me to use material that is .125 thick, I think thats 1/8" WTF??? I wanna use .75"

Then even more F'ed up, that vent length I mentioned above of 87.16" Long??? WTF again, the box's longest side is 28.94", how in the hell am I gonna get a 87.16" vent in there, even if I fold it a few times that would not fit......

Either I don't know how to use this or its wacked out???

Also, the cut sheet is all jacked up looking too...

Everything I read made it look like a sweet program...

Any suggestions?