Hey I have 2 RE HC 15's and I've decided that I want to completely redo my box.

I am looking at making an SPL box and then making a plug of some sort to modify it to become a decent SQL box.

The plans for the SPL box are 12 cubes net, tuned to 51-52 hz, with 6" long 250ish square inches of port. The port is looking like it is going to be 8 by 31.5.

Is having a port like that ok?

The subs will both be on the passenger side obviously and the port on the far wall of the driver's side.

Now I'm looking for input on the plug for my port. I want to tune low. The subs are too loud for daily if I wanna hear in the future anyways so I'm not too concerned about losing a bit of output.

I was just wondering what you think I should tune to? I was thinking below 30, but some say 32 is fine.

As well, how much area should I try and take out of the box for daily? It will be 12 cubes for SPL and I was thinking about 10 cubes for daily? I'd just have to somehow create the port plug to displace a lot of volume. Shouldn't be too hard.

The sort of plans for the box are 40 wide, 33 high, and 24 deep, those are all external dimensions. That gives 15.8 cubes before any bracing, or displacement etc. It might have to be reduced in size a bit.

Any opinions would be appreciated.

Craig G