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Reload Thread: my tuning is off by 10 hertz please help!!

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    Re: my tuning is off by 10 hertz please help!!

    DD recommends a specific box for their subs, why are you not using their spec box? Also you will not get loud out of a trunk unless you get really creative and you won't get more than half rated power out of quantum amp.

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    Re: my tuning is off by 10 hertz please help!!

    Alright bass heads i got some updates that might be cuaseing my problem my back seat has a 3/4 inch of the factory sound deadner it was acting like a super filter and the bass was stuck in trunk so i cut into seat where i have a drop down arm rest to make it breath easier and now its even better and we found that my box was separating around the port from the box so im reinforcing the box tomorrow with all thread 5/16 and putting more screws around the port to seal it off. i will also be cutting the brackets holding back seat to the frame off so i can remove my back seat for the comp. I am hoping i have gained 2-3 db after all this is done maybe even more i would love to hit a 137 but gaining 10 DB is asking alot without upgrading my amp seeing how im only at 127.8 DB

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