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Reload Thread: looking for someone knowledgable about dd 9512

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    looking for someone knowledgable about dd 9512


    i own a dd 9512 subwoofer, i am having trouble making the box for it, because i don't know what to do

    i looked up the sub on and they suggest a box size of 1.7-2.5 cu ft vented/ported and 15-16 sq inches of port per cubic foot of volume.

    i know that i want a port frequency between 32-35 hz and probably 2.5 cu ft for the volume of the box after displacement i think

    this box is going in a trunk of a 94 camry so i want it to take up the least amount of room i.e taller than deep.

    i do not know the displacement of the subwoofer itself.

    can anyone help me draw plans for a box??? or recomend what i should do???

    Head Unit: Alpine CDA-9833
    Speakers: Polk/MOMO MMC650 (coaxials with ext. cross)
    Sub: Digital Design 9512
    Mono Amp: Hifonics Brutus bx1500
    Speak Amp: Tsunamni db4440

    Upcoming: in a 94 camry
    -Components: don't know yet
    -Midbass maybe?
    -seel and peel or second skin

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    Re: looking for someone knowledgable about dd 9512

    talk to teamsubgopoof he is familiar with DD stuff

    COMING SOON audioque, sundown, ID etc...

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