system is just for my enjoyment. wanting to sound good in a wide range of hz
its going in the trunk of my 74 monte carlo. the trunk is not verry tall but its wide and long

i was going to whip up a quick sealed box tomorow and sunday for the sub just to slap it in and see how she plays like that ( off a saz1500 wired at 1.4 ohm ) wondering what you might recomend for air space inside the box in sealed configuration ? and also how much should i calculate the sub displaces ?
( the subs previous owner recomends 1 cubic foot for sealed ) seems maby a tad small to me for this sub ?

i also plan to play with box placment, facing each side wall - and facing rear to see how each has a diffrent effect on how it sounds and couples in to the interior of the car - so i can take that in to account when designing a more permenant ported box in a few weeks - what air space should i try to start designing for ported box plans ? was hoping for 34 hz and not set in stone what type of port to use yet.... aero / square / slot