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    Fiberglass custom sub box questions

    When building and designing custom fiberglass enclosures to fit in odd/tight spaces how do you figure box volume? do you just guess? do you let the margin that the given sub will operate satisfactorily take over and just take what you get? I wonder because i see people builing custom enclosures and I never hear how thery figured a given sub will work with what ever space they have to work with. Tell me what you think on the subject.

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    Re: Fiberglass custom sub box questions

    Some guys use packing peanuts. There is a thread somewhere that gives the volume of a specific amount of peanuts. You can figure out the box volume from the amount of peanuts it takes to fill the box.
    Some guys also use water, but I would only do this on a 100% fiberglass enclosure so you don't risk soaking any wood.

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