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Reload Thread: What subs

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    What subs

    Which sub is better 12" kenwood excelon kfc xw12 or 12" Rockford fosgate p3sd4
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    Re: What subs

    type r

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    Re: What subs

    Kenwoods slam but the p3s hit hard boy go on rockfords website to the enclosure section for all you need on em

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    Re: What subs

    none of de above

    Refs: Rio, DbzArson, goodstuff, Worstenemy453

    Quote Originally Posted by Altec View Post
    Then obviously I am asking the wrong person, because you don't know how to hook up subs if they sounded like "****". Maybe learn your ohms and your diagrams before you call something ****. Learn to make boxes to specs and use the right wires and its called dynomat. Then maybe your car wouldn't of sounded like ****, yeah?

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    Re: What subs

    its best to post what size sub you are looking for, how many subs, rms if you know, post what amp you are using or if your planning to get one and budget instead of the vs thread

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    Re: What subs

    Agreed^^^^ For what you would pay for a P3 you could own a far better sub.

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    Re: What subs

    P3's are meh. I guess not bad for 130/pc. but you could get a Type R (as stated above) for around the same money. Or a used Sundown SA which is another 600 rms sub (the SA 10's are on sale for 149.99 at carstereogiant.com). Or the C2 Threatcon for 99 bucks. There's a ton of options that would be better than the p3. Some questions that need to be answered are space you have available, power you're going to run, budget, goals for the system (sq, spl), what your electrical is like, etc.

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    Re: What subs

    Better for what?

    Sealed boxes?

    Ported boxes?

    Large spaces?

    Small spaces?

    Rap music?

    Rock music?

    Country music (not actually music but...)?

    Propping doors open?

    Sinking trotlines?

    Defending yourself from Perez Hilton?

    In other words... what are you trying to accomplish? ;-)

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    Re: What subs

    I would get a Sundown Sa.

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