Ok thanks for takeing the time to read this i am a ported box noob. I have 2 solo L7 15s and i wanted to build a box for them but dont know how to do a ported box. i have built plenty of sealed boxes but not any good with ported. I was also wondering if i could do two seperate boxes each tuned diffrent so i get more of a wider bass range or is it a waste of time? i have a 95 chevy caprice with the big three done a yellow top in the trunk and one gauge running to my second battery and a hifionics 3000 running it at 1 ohm. Oh yeah the biggest area i can get in my trunk with out haveing to make crazy cuts is 45 1/2 inches long 35 inches deep and 18 1/2 inches tall i dont know if that is even enough room thanks for reading this