Hey everyone, Newb to the site but not to car audio. Im a big fan of car audio and love the old school equipment...have been luckly enough to finally gather up 3 10in JLw6v1. Im designing a common chambered box with a slot port to the right side of the box. I have been playing with the WinISD program and also 3D design with google sketchup. Im gonna try and post up pics...

My equipment.
kenwood excelon deck
Phoenix gold ZX500 amp
3 JL w6 subs, 6 ohm DVC's

Gonna wire the subs in Series/Parallel to give a 4 ohm load at the amp. The max Outer dimensions of the box is 33W x 11H x 15D. In winISD with the dimensions I have to work with and calculating the displacements its giving me 2.168 cu/ft and tuned to 36Hz with a slot port of 2x9.5x15

My concerns are running the subs in a common chamber? what frequency should I tune to for everyday listening...mostly rap and rock music i listen to. Any help or constructive criticism is welcome