Hey, right now I have 2 15" Cvr's hooked up to a hifonics brz 1700.1 in a sealed box. I wanted to build a ported box and I can design it and build it by myself but I just wanted to get some help with how to set it up.

I have it in the back of a 1985 Buick Lesabre (same style as a Caprice). My dimensions are 56Wx32Dx15H. I was going to do a back facing port and tune it to 32hz but to do that I would have to make the port like 10 inches wide. I was also going to put another piece of mdf the same distance up (sorry dont know how to explain it) instead of doing a L-port. This takes lots of volume out of my actual box so I dont want to do it like this. I also thought about doing one long port along the bottom width of it but that takes alot of height and volume out of it and the driver would almost be sitting on the board. I can build it easily and nicely with the port facing up, but I've been told that it does not get as loud with the port up. Please give me some advice on how to carry this out with port direction and placement.

-Thanks (sorry if it was hard to picture)