sup trixter long time no speak tou my friend., ok can u help me out
my dimme. in car are 38" wide* 15"height*25 deep* ok!

I want to make a slot ported box (chamber in middle) like the one you desing out for me a quite while ago and thanks it worked great..

but I need a lil bit more smaller cause it's kind a bit heavy, subs are 2-rfd2212dvcpunch.

so can I make it let's say 34"*15"*18deep" how many pieces please tell me if I'm rigth or someone reading this help!!

2pieces- 34"wide*18"
1piece- 34"*13.5" for back part
2-13.5"*15.5"<------ is this correct???
2pieces-15.75"*13.5" for front part and a port of 2.5" wide in middle...

for port 2pieces of ????
OK NOTE: then how long and tall do I make port to get between 29 & 32 hz ???

I hope is understandable in my description thanks and I'll be all open ears to who ever sees this c'ya