Hey All,

I have a 2005 Silverado with a box under the back seat that came with the truck. It's got 2 12w0'-8's in separate sealed chambers at .9cf each. There are several place where screws have been run through the wall of the box (mounting amps and such to it), but I think they all have screws filling the holes, so no open holes. The amp on these is a infinity reference 611a which pushed something like 450wrms at 4 ohms (current overall impedance). Which as I understand is way over the 125wrms these subs are rated for. The box chambers are also .4cf too small for this sub if my research is right. I'm pretty unhappy with the sound overall, it's not very tight, and I can't seem to find any sort of sweet spot with it. Just kinda muddy and flabby (my best description).

I'm thinking of just scrapping the whole thing and switching the subs and box out for a single ID10 on one side (lets me use the other side for storage which I'm lacking right now). Run at 2 ohms that should catch around 500wrms from the same amp, and would be in an enclosure around .7-.8cf.

Just getting back into car audio again, and the last sub I had was a Focal Polyglas in a sealed box which I loved, I suspect the ID10 may be a little closer to that than the current 12's I've got.

Am I going down a good path, you think, with the ID10, or does anyone have another suggestion.