I have a few quick question about the sub box that I am going to be building.

First I have two SA-10 D4's wired down to 1Ohm, being powered by a SAZ-1500V3, currently have a crappy prefab enclosure. Though the subs still sound great I know they can be much louder.

I have used a few online calculators as well as design software to build a basic ported box. I just want to verify that the box design I have will be sufficient.

I've been playing with some numbers and I'm curious about port recommendations as far as width and length

Current Box design is a simple ported box with a side slot vent, subs are sharing air space. I'm using RE audio Box calculator
specs are

Width - 36"
Depth (top and bottom) - 12"
Height - 15"
Square port width - 2"
Square port length - 6"
Box volume comes to - 2.53 ft^3
Tuned frequency - 35.15

Just want some advice or confirmation that my box design will suite my setup