although most people can slap a box together fairly quickly.. i do unfortunately work a full time job, and dont have the daylight to do so.. these are just a few pics of the box im currently doing for a friend in a mercury mountaineer, that looks pretty much identical(wheels and all) to my explorer..
the box will house, (1) Treo SSX 18" underpowered by a planet audio BB1900.

box is 5.2 cubes net.. tuned to 32hz with a little over 15sq inches of port per cube.. so big port.. for this box..

Lemme know what you guys think!!
loaded some 4x8 sheets of 3/4 birch in the exploder..

just some basic windown bracing..

just a dry test fit... also 45'd the port wall..

took the time to paint everything before assembly tonight, will turn out much better then just spraying and praying into the port after its built..

this build should be going on till the weekend, box will probably end up painted..