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    Box length question?

    Ok so I plan on buying a new box for my sa12 from dc creations I was wondering a few questions, my max trunk size is 16" high, 38" wide, and 45" long I got a single sub I was thinking about asking them to make it 38" and 16" high to seal off the sub in trunk but I'm thinking that with a single sub it would be a waste unless I play a bunch of music with my trunk open. So I thinking about 30" wide so I can fit my amp in the 8" hole but still allow air I to the cabin of the car. So any other sugguestions? I'm open to anything

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    Re: Box length question?

    I would just give them Max dimensions and have them design it the best they think

    Head unit- cz702
    Speakers- cheap parts express mids and tweets
    Mids/highs amp- ppi 900.4
    Sub- 2 18" zcons
    enclosure- 14.5 cubes tuned to 33
    Sub amp- 2 sundown 2500s
    Alt- 300+ ohio gen
    Batts- 3 big dekas 1 xs
    Wiring- 6 runs of 0 awg and big 3

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