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Reload Thread: How is it possible to build a .3 Cube enclosure with this sub?

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    How is it possible to build a .3 Cube enclosure with this sub?

    I have an Infinity Kappa Perfect10 VQ 10" and I am trying to build a legit box for sq. The recommended size box with the low q insert for a sealed box is .3 ft^3 (i have lost the mid q insert . I am assuming that that is not including the basket displacement which is .072 ft^3. This is a 10" sub with a mounting depth of 6.5", so logically I would not want to build an enclosure with dimensions any smaller than 10x10x8.5 and that is probably still too small but that is already measuring .49 ft^3. How is it possible to build a box to measure .3 ft^3?

    Should I just build a bigger box even though it is not an optimal enclosure volume according to Infinity's owners manual?

    If its not possible I was thinking of just building a .75 ft^3 box and using the low q Insert although the manual says to use the mid q insert.

    (Link to the chart of optimal box sizes for sealed enclosure)
    Infinity Kappa Series perfect 10 VQ User Guide (Page 5 of 8)

    (Link to speakers specs)
    Infinity Kappa Series perfect 10 VQ User Guide (Page 8 of 8)

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: How is it possible to build a .3 Cube enclosure with this sub?

    Put 45's in the corners. Or invert it.

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    tailorFail v.3
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    TaylorWin v.1?

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