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    ported? sealed?

    I have 2 12w6 JL drivers, and I was given a "custom box" that was ported to 42 hz.. they jipped me out on a box, it is still **** loud though. So now, do I go back to ported 32 or sealed.. since they recomend ported 32 i will probably go with that BUT i have no idea how to do it or anything, if anyone could help me figure out the dimentions for both subs in a double ported box tuned to 32hz and everything that would be great

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    Re: ported? sealed?

    Depends one how much space you have

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    Re: ported? sealed?

    Threads at the top of this section have all you could ever need and more, check em out, if you have questions let us know!

    About to make a thread about box design? READ THIS FIRST! :)

    SEALED vs PORTED (basic info.)

    -Mark @caraudiofab
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