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Reload Thread: Questions for tuning a box for 2 12in Kicker L3 Subs

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    Questions for tuning a box for 2 12in Kicker L3 Subs

    I need some help in making a box for 2 12 inch Kicker L3 subs. The box is going to be in a 2005 to 2007 V6 Mustang so I am putting the subs facing up so it will easily fit.

    Specs for 1 of my Kicker L3 square subs

    2ohm, 800 watt max, 400 rms, 31.37 Hz, 86.3 sensitivity, QMS 9.198, Qes .796, Qts .733, Hole cut-out diameter 11-1/16 inches, mounting depth 6-1/4 inches.

    My box dimensions I thought sounded good are Height 9 inches, Width 32 or 34 inches, Depth of 16 inches. The 2 square subs would be on top and they would be facing up. My question is how and where should I port it so my box is tuned to about 31 Hz? I usually listen to rap if that helps at all.I don't have much experience building sub boxes and I need all the help I can get. Thank you!

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    Re: Questions for tuning a box for 2 12in Kicker L3 Subs

    Do subs and port facing backwards. This sticky thread should help you, read through it, and let me know if there are any questions.

    About to make a thread about box design? READ THIS FIRST! :)

    Your box volume looks on target but I think you would have trouble with the design by only going 9 inches tall. There would be enough depth for the speakers but Im not sure how you would ever fit a slot port in with the orientation you are mentioning. Thus why I suggest going 15 tall, as wide as the trunk will allow and use the depth as your variable dimension that you adjust based on the volume you need.

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