So it looks like experiment time. Over xmas break, I will be forced to the shed to pull out my JL 18w6 and go buy a set of the JL ZR 800-cw's to use. People swear the midbass on those is stellar and I can find them online for 130 bucks now. I run both boxes sealed and play with xover points to see if I can get them to play together and sound ok. I mess with ported on the midbass later if I dont get output I like sealed. Rough Idea is run my 18w6 on my Rockford 800a2 from 50 down. Run the 2 zr 800s off my my JL 300/2 from 50 to 150 give or take. Then run my good old trusty JBL 504s GTIs in the door off my JL 300/4 from 150 up. All xover points subject to change based on how much this sounds like crap or sounds good. Ill throw in a little bit of T/A from my Eclipse 8454 and see how it works. What you think so far?