Hey everyone, i'm trying to figure out what i want to do in my explorer. I currently have 3 American Bass XFL 15s. That is it so far i'm trying to figure out how i should do this build. All i have planned is getting a 4th XFL (looking to buy if someone has one for sale). Box and amp are what i need help deciding. The amp i choose will be dependent on the box i build probably around 3k-4k something not too pricey.i want to find 2 2k amps and run them at 1 ohm each. My goal is just a loud daily driver (hair tricks would be nice) that will occasionally go to local comps so swappable ports would be nice.
1 big thing is i need to keep the back seats that's the main rule the wife gave me.
I was thinking of just doing subs up port back to keep it simple, but then again maybe a clam shell wall or a 4th order if its possible. when i say wall i really mean just a really tall box facing foward. the box has to be removable.
The dimension i got so far are for just normal box that could be built outside the vehicle and then put in ie it will fit through the hatch. Those dims are 42w 36d 16h those measurements are side from the back of the seats to about 5 inches from the hatch and wheel well to wheel well and under the windows line. If this isn't enough space i can work to get some more space.
The biggest i could go on a box and have it slide in through the hatch is 43w x 33h x 36d
1 more thing my little brother has 2 18" icons in a explorer and i think he is doing like a 148 so getting louder then him would be nice. Thanks for any input-Jon