Hey guys,
My site is Audio inception in Northern, VA (NOVA) and I do custom installs on the side as a hobby. After taking out my iPad install in my '08 S197 Mustang GT and putting in a pioneer unit using a relay to do the bypass it got me thinking about turn signal cameras on your side mirrors so no longer having blind spots or looking over your shoulder. So I designed the electrical aspect of how to make it work using diodes, capacitors, dpst and spst relays and my last step is either inlaying the little cameras into the bottom of the mirrors or fiberglass the housing making it real custom. I have not fiberglassed anything yet but it looks like it would not be too difficult. The point of this is to be able to put on your turn signal and your double din unit will display your blind spot so you no longer have to look over your shoulder. I have seen one guy on YouTube tie it into his rear view camera but it doesn't cover his blind spot. Does anyone make these side view mirror housings with a camera already pre-fabbed? Any other ideas are welcome also. Thanks.