ok so after using the free box plans and building an enclosure using some scrap 3/4" plywood to test the fit/general sound of the subs in a proper ported enclosure i realized i made a huge mistake. i dont actually have enough room to put the enclosure where i intended to put it, let alone anywhere else in the livingroom. but i went ahead and hooked it up and just set it in a corner to see how it sounded. it sounded pretty decent considering i used plywood, but i think these old subs have more to offer.

so now im going to build 2 propper enclosures that will fit where i need them. but i need some help after hours of WinISD and Torres have melted my brain.

the space i have to work with is on either side of my entertainment stand, i have 28" tall, 14" wide, and depending on port/woofer placment 15-17" of depth. but i would prefer to stick to 15" to make my life simple.

i want to keep a "folded" port design and since these subs arent very big/high excursion i would like to tune low to hopefully get more low-end for the HT. right now using torres i have a box 28X14X15(outside dimensions, using 3/4" MDF) but i cant figure out if i really NEED a 2" slot port or if i can get away with a 1". since these are relativly low powered subs(between the two they will only be getting 80W, and that is almost double the rated power) my brain says a 12.5"X1" port will be enough to avoid chuffing. but these subs seem to have quite a high sensitivity as they get loud enough to rattle the crap on the shelves above the TV.

anyways i havent completley figured out port length for a 20hz tune let alone how im going to fold the port. but thats where i figured i could get some help here. im going to post 4 screenshots of Torres, 2 using a 12.5X1 port and 2 with a 12.5X1.5 port.

Box1 is an enclosure 28X14X15 with a tuning~20hz and a 1X12.5 port
Box2 is an enclosure 28X14X16 with a tuning~20hz and a 1X12.5 port
Box3 is an enclosure 28X14X15 with a tuning~20hz and a 1.5X12.5 port
Box4 is an enclosure 28X14X16 with a tuning~20hz and a 1.5X12.5 port

Box2 seems to be the best since it only has 30" of port, but once again im just not sure. when i model any of these boxes in WinISD it shows a -10DB output at tuning.

if someone with a bit of time can help me out with this i would apreciate it alot.