Ive been doing some research on putting my 15" MAG V3 (1200rms) into my new 2009 Sierra EXT Cab Truck (its my first truck). but im still not sure which direction to go.

I have a 60/40 split rear bench with the 60 on the drivers side.

If i pull out the 60 side of the seat i was considering building a box with a slanted front and having the sub firing forward and port up (3.5 cuft @ 32hz). This box would be located directly behind the driver seat, with a amp rack in the middle seat area.

My other idea is to pull the 40 side (behind passenger seat), and put a sub box there with either sub forward and port up or
sub up and port out side to either passenger or driver side. then i could mount the amps underneath the other two seats in the back.

which would you recommend and which would be louder? I am leaning towards putting the box behind the passenger seat so that my amps are out of site and i only lose one seat instead of two; however i am concerned it wont be as loud as putting it behind the driver seat. (i am mainly concerned with loudness in the driver seat.)

thanks for any advice.