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Reload Thread: Need wedge help for port and sizing

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    Need wedge help for port and sizing

    Trying to build a wedge style box for a single Fosgate p1 10" sub, ported. Trying to determine the port location and length to run about 34 Hz. The main frame if the box is mocked up giving me an internal size of 34w, 17.5h, 2.25 d1 and 8.5 d2. The box will have a center support using .75 thickness trimmed out semi hollow. As far as the port goes which is in question, looking at rectangular or slotted if possible . Whats your recommendations

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    Re: Need wedge help for port and sizing

    so, from the dimensions, i take it that this is going in something like a single cab s-10? there are many designs, and even a recent thread. sub center, port firing to passenger side. tuning a little higher might be beneficial, after cabbin gain. the box will be a good ammount efficient, though a p1 is not that efficient in itself.

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