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    Re: loud?

    Quote Originally Posted by mlstrass View Post
    I see that kind of **** by me all the time at hood shows. Maybe when I was younger, but I'm older and a fuzz wiser now, so I just ignore them. Ignorance is bliss...
    this guy should be orgasmic then

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    Re: loud?

    Quote Originally Posted by CAT MAN View Post
    this guy should be orgasmic then
    LOL. I've had fun with a few guys like that at shows. Guy with 2 10's and 2 12's to cover all the frequencies. I asked him what frequencies would that be, he said....all of them. I asked why no 15's then, cuz 15's are too sloppy he told me.

    I had 4 15's in a wall at that time. Let him hear it and it was WAY better sounding and easily 25dB's louder. He bailed in about 2 seconds once I turned it up. Was good for a laugh...

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    Re: loud?

    Quote Originally Posted by pro-rabbit View Post
    so tune higher pretty easy.
    Let me ask you this. Am I heading in the right direction?

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