Hi, I'm planning out my first subwoofer system and having a little trouble picking a box for my 10" Kickers.

I'll be rocking two Kicker 10" Comp SVC 2 Ohm woofers. Here's everything you'll need to know:

- 5 1/16" Mounting Depth
- 9 1/8" Cutout Diameter
- Minimum recommended ported enclosure volume: 1.25
- Maximum: 1.75

I was thinking this is the best box for the job, now I'm no good with wood so I won't be making my own anytime soon:

- 17" Depth (16" Maximum Mounting Depth)
- 9 1/8" Cutout Diameter
- 1.2 Cubic Feet per Section

I checked all the necessary dimensions of the woofers, and they'll fit in the box no problemo, although the internal cubic feet of the box is less than the recommended size, do you think they'll still hit hard?

Thank you for any and all of your feedback, and if you find another box that you think may be better than this one please link me.