Hi, I have a 1972 2 door chevy impala....its already customized but it has no system. I bought 4 audiopipe 12s 900w rms 1800max with a KICKER 2500.1 amp...i also got 4 6'' audiopipe speakers and 6 super tweeters to install in the doors(do i need 2 go fiberglass or what) i havent purchased an amp for my mids and highs yet but i was leaning towards a 4 channel sumthin....ANY1 HAVE ANY IDEAS FOR SPEAKER PLACEMENT IN THE DOORS OR DO ANY1 KNOW SUM1 THAT CAN FIBERGLASS MY DOOR PANELS TO FIT THE SPEAKERS.....IM N GEORGIA ILL POST PICS OF THE CAR BECAUSE REALLY IM TRYING TO PUT MORE SPEAKERS IN THE CAR.....ANY IDEAS WILL BE HELPFUL