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    side by side jlw7 box

    Not trying to step on toes or act like a BS newbie here but I'm looking for some feedback on building a box. I've built several boxes over the last 5 or 6 years and while I think what I'm trying to do with this one is correct, I'm looking for feedback from someone who may have already done this or knows how to do it correctly. I have 2 13.5" jlw7's that I'm trying to build a slot ported box for "side by side" in a Cadillac sedan de ville. I have built boxes for these speakers before and have found that going by jl's specs, I can never go wrong (when built correctly). My question is, when building a box (slot ported) for 2 side by side, do I need to slot it in the middle (seperating both speakers) or do I slot one side of the box and allow both to push to the specified slot? I have been searching for answers all night and have come up with nothing except what I already know... How to build a box for "1" speaker and not 2. Thanks and I appreciate any and all feedback as I am not some a^* who thinks he knows it all.

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    Re: side by side jlw7 box

    Ask one of the professional box builders here... I'm sure they can help or they can sell you a really nice design.

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    Re: side by side jlw7 box

    One chamber with port at the end should work fine, and you can usually make the box a little smaller when 2 subs are sharing the same chamber.

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    Re: side by side jlw7 box

    I would look at getting a design before you build. JL specs are pretty good for stock, but I think its been proven you can get much more out of those with a design.

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