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    New box?

    i've been having thoughts of making a new box for my 12" HC... right now, the box i have is 2.0cf, ported to 40hz using an aeroport. the port is on the side of the box, not the front. i love how loud it gets, but i am missing some notes that should be heard. i'm thinking of making a new box and selling this one... i plan on making the new box slot vented with a low tuning of 28-34hz... i don't wanna lose any of the spl that i have right now... i donno if i should go through with it or just keep my current box. i need help. help me out.

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    Re: New box?

    If you tune it lower, it will be audibly louder to you, which is what you want. Now if you plan on competing, it won't be loud.

    Tune the box to the low 30's, and use a square port, about 30 inches of port area. Thatll get you down there in the depths of hell if I say so myself.

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