First of all...hi everyone. I've become increasingly interested into enjoying sound in my car for a little while now and so I've finally decided to join the online community whose posts I usually end up reading during extensive research anyways XD

Presently, I am little more than a complete nub in car audio, but I do aspire to eventually live up to my username. I currently have a cute little set-up consisting of 6.5" Polk Audio MM coaxials up front in my 2005 Honda Accord sedan, one older ('05 or '07) Kicker CVR12 4ohm DVC in a ported box and a four-channel Alpine V-power F600 amplifier powering them (100 watts RMS x 4 channels), and wired with Knu Konceptz four-gauge CCA power wires. Oh, and a Kenwood Excelon X595 headunit. I had my sub and amp installed at Best Buy and the front speakers and headunit at Car Toys, but had the front speakers wired to the amplifier by a more questionable place.

I have been enjoying my "upgraded" sound, but as I assume many of you do, I endeavor to improve it....but also not spend much money :P

Anyways, I was looking for some seasoned input on a few concerns of mine...

First of all, the front speakers are 2.7 ohm and so I was told that they would be getting about 130 watts and the speakers are rated for 100 watts RMS/200 watts peak. My first concern is the possibility that I am not quite getting the most sound from my front speakers since the questionable-place installers only tapped the factory speaker wire in the front as opposed to running new, bigger speaker wire. I've read mixed answers on the matter.

Also, upon inspection of my ported enclosure, I've concluded that it is time to make a new box; the outer layers of MDF where the speakers screw in seem flappy and possibly water-damaged(?), certain sections of the port vibrate freely and loosely as if damaged, and my terminal cup has a minor crack and a small hole in it.

I was looking to capitalize on this opportunity and build a better box for it. I listen primarily to electronic music and dubstep, but also to a good amount and variety of other genres such as rock, classical, and some rap, but also to just whatever is on the radio. I was wondering what an ideal frequency would be for me; I was thinking 27 hertz or something similar. I also scheme to place my amplifier(s) - soon to be two - on top of it, and I was thinking I would put a layer of Dynamat on top as well as a rubber pad to help cope with vibrations.

I've just realized that I've been rambling for awhile now, and will probably continue to do so if i do not end it now, and so I part with this: thank you in advanced for your valued opinions and good day !