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    19cubes for 8" subs

    so me and a buddy of mine were sitting around bullshitting about systems and stuff. we were talking about how awesome it would be to have a system like loyd has...with a bunch of 8s.

    well ill prob never go through with this, but its fun to just dream, and get the creative gears crankin.

    i have 19cubes of INTERNAL box space (considering the MDF is 3/4") many of the RE8s do you think i could fit in there, and what size port (32hz)?

    keep in mind that the 19 cubes would need to include the ports, because i dont care to much for external ports.

    so what do you guys think?
    20 subs? 22?

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    Re: 19cubes for 8" subs

    Loyd said that 0.5 cubic feet per sub would be good. So I would bet if you have 19 cubic feet after you consider box space then you should be able to fit 30. that would be 15 cubic feet of needed volume @ 0.5 cubic feet each sub. You would have 30 X 0.09 = 2.7 cubic feet of woofer displacement. That would be 17.7 so that would leave you 1.3 cubic feet for port and bracing.

    It might not be quite enough for port and bracing so maybe 28 or 26, but never the less, you can fit an assload.

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