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Reload Thread: dd 6.5 sub specs....what would you do

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    dd 6.5 sub specs....what would you do

    So the new dd 6.5 subs really have me interested. It took me awhile, but I believe i have the correct specs for these suckers. I would like to do 4 of them in a box. I orginally thought a T line until I saw the specs.
    Piston Diameter = 107.4 mm
    * f(s)= 51.14 Hz
    * R(e)= 8.15 Ohms
    * Z(max)= 69.48 Ohms
    * Q(ms)= 8.094
    * Q(es)= 1.075
    * Q(ts)= 0.949
    * V(as)= 1.762 liters (0.062 cubic feet)
    * L(e)= 1.33 mH
    * n(0)= 0.02 %
    * SPL= 75.30 1W/1m
    * M(ms)= 63.46 grams
    * C(ms)= 0.15 mm/N
    * BL= 12.43

    Somewhere I remember hearing never do a T line with drivers that had really high Qts. Looking at the specs, would a 4th order or a 6th order work? Is it also me, but the Fs seem kinda high and I thought that affected their ability to go low?

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    Re: dd 6.5 sub specs....what would you do

    you will need about .5cubes a piece for ported as far ans tuning id try 38hz first. if you dont like the low end tune lower but dd subs have the unique ability to play at least 10hz lower than tuning due to the stiff suspension. they have a build going on atm were a guy is putting 4 under his back seat in his silverado. look in the build log section

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