yo dudes, wats up,

my box dimensions are 34 Long x 16.5 W x 16 D...

I built this box off my head a long time ago & wana use it for 2 x 12in vibe subs rated at 350w rms & 700w peak power.

on the specs tho, it said use a box of 1.5cubic ft but what i wana know is how much would this box size be..
its got split chambers & i wana port it as well for the sub in each chamber..

fs in hz in 32
VAS in cubic ft=3.34
VAS in litres=84.50
Xmax in inches=0.29
Xmax in mm=7.5
max power in watts=700
Fo in hz=32
magnet weight=50
recommended sealed enclosure = 1.5 cubic feet

This is the spec of the subwoofer & its calle vibe pt120 series..

Ive seen loads of these boxes ported from the manufacturer but i would like to know if the box ive made is suitable & how big & long sholud i make the port?

Any help would be graceful as this is doing my head in