Sup guys decided going to build a new box for my h2's. Beings i **** with wood and being the first sub box I've ever built I could really use some help in knowing if this will work. I'm attaching some diagrams of the exact size of the interior etc. The basics just perfect square not including possible wedges i can squeeze out or without sloping the box at is like 5 cubes. Thats not including ports or sub displacment with 3/4" MDF. With the slope from front to back and fornt being able to be wider I don't see why 7 cubes wouldnt be possible we have had a box of similar size sealed that came out to 6 in there before. Anyway I **** with boxs and could really use a hand.
The driver Diameter is 15 5/8" (397.5mm) the whole for the sub to fit in has to be 13 11/16" (348mm) I have heard from many people this subs sweet spot is like 3 cubes with 40sq" of port. and like .48 displacment. The subs will be pushed by a 2500.1D each. And will be in a daily driver but I'm still trying to hit hard enough to do well at the local shows. And listen to mostly Rap (lil john ludicrous type of songs) and Techno like bass mechanic and DJ mill and Emanuel. To give you an idea of what this subs gonna be hitting to. For an idea of the actual setting for the box go to the link in my signature. If you need anymore measurements just let me know. Thanks Guys
Err umm it's not letting me post the diagrams. I'll post them in the link on my site on sounddomain It'll be page 12.