Sub Specs
Fs: 30.75
Qms: 6.759
Vas: 67.7
sd (m2): 0.0504
Qes: .692
Qts: 0.545
SPL: 87.2 1w-1m
rms: 500

I will be running 2 of these subs on 900w rms monoblock amp.

The enclosure i was looking at was audio enhancer box that looked built pretty good.

audioenhancers ko212 ---> it wont let me direct link to it because im new forum member. google it and its the first result. If someone would link it to save others time in would be appreciated.

It looks well built. It has bracing in each chamber but looks can be deceiving.

It lists 3.6cu ft for the box but also says its 2.83cu ft. per sub. The subs manual recommends 3.5cu ft for dual ported box. What im wondering is how they are getting 2.83cu. ft out of 3.6cu. ft box. As far as port tuning its pretty much what i need it tuned for. Im not looking to go custom box so please dont tell me to use a custom box...