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    Icon30 Go bigger and ported or stay small and sealed question

    I want to start this off by saying I am a newb, so forgive me.

    I have a 10" sub that I got a few months back and have had it about 300watts under powered due to not having a better amp. But now I am getting ready to upgrade my amp and I am wondering if I should change my box while I am at it, I am not looking for box plans just a recommendation as to whether or not I should go bigger/ported

    According to the manual for my subwoofer (diamond audio Macdaddy 10) it states it is designed for small sealed enclosures and that the more power given to the sub - The smaller the box should be - the harder it will hit on the lows

    Now I had seen my exact same sub in a large ported box before (single sub, ported box was around 2.4 cubic feet) and it sounded pretty good, I wouldn't say it hit super hard but it had a lot more loud bass than I have.

    But I thought it was best to go with manufacturers specs and I went with a tiny box 0.7 cubic feet
    (smaller than recommended for what I am currently powering it with but I knew I would be upgrading at a later date)

    Now I am questioning if this is the right box for me, I want something that hits hard on the lows and I do not have that right now. I don't know if just upgrading the amp will be enough or if I should look at changing my box as well. Ported..sealed...smaller..larger... I am not sure so if anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it

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    Re: Go bigger and ported or stay small and sealed question

    A ported box designed correctly will give you exactly what you want. If it is still not enough time for a new sub.

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    Re: Go bigger and ported or stay small and sealed question

    If you are questioning it, then no. That box is not right for you. The design for that sub will depend on the specs given. You should never follow manufacturer specs of a box design as they limit them too much and lose a lot of efficiency that you can gain back with a proper design. But, as to your original question, the answer lies in the specs. Have someone model them for you and see what they can come up with.

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