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Reload Thread: Box style Yukon/Tahoe SPL

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    Box style Yukon/Tahoe SPL

    I'm just curious what type of number differences you guy's see from running subs up port back and subs back port back.. ect .Specifically in the 4 door yukon or tahoe.

    I had my 2 18's firing up with the port back in my 13.5 cuft after displacement box with 5K and stock alt. Did a 149.0 at the dash db drag legal. 149.8 with the drivers door open.

    Since then I modified the box so the subs fire back. I added a 250 amp alt and went to 7K. I dropped to a 148.3 on the dash, but with the drivers door open im doing a 150.5ish and a 151 in the kick.
    To the ear its WAY louder than when i had 5k and subs up.. Just curious if i'll see a big gain going back to subs up port back with the added power.

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    Re: Box style Yukon/Tahoe SPL

    keep it sub up port back

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