ok i am in the middle of piecing together a system for my Early 1999 F250 Extended cab, thanks to my Bro-in-law, well that and my wife complains she cant hear the stereo over my 7.3 powerstroke with dual 5" stacks. I already got an amp it is an old school Rockford Fosgate Punch 800A2. Now we are really debating over 8's or 10's. problem is we need to know the dimensions of the area under the rear seat, due to my E99 has a metal bracket that the front of the seat pad is hinged on. he even thinks we can get 12's in there, but i dont want to push it. Can anyone help me out with dimensions (I am in Iraq so i can't run out and grab them myself) as he is going to custom build me a ported box for my truck. Also can some of yall post pictures of your extended cab setup? I am aware of the setup under the front center jump seat, but he said he doesnt feel comfortable doing that, even though I am more then glad to try it, so as of now that is out of the question. thanks ahead of time, and I am including a pic of my rear seat where you can clearly see the bracket setup.

and just for good measure, this is my truck