Hello people.

I need some help for my first box design.

The driver is a 12" Ground Zero GZUW300SQ - here's the specs on it:

Voicecoil diameter: 6,5 cm / 2,56"
Power Handling: 700 WRMS
Frequency Response: 22Hz-200Hz
Cone area: 510 cm^2 / 79,1 in^2
Mounting Depth: 164 mm - 6,46"

Fs: 25,3 Hz
Ohm: 2x3 ohm
Qms: 4,22
Qes: 0,47
Qts: 0,42
VAS: 86,6 l / 3,03 cu.ft.
Mms: 169,3 gramm / 5,73 oz
BL: 19,0 TM
SPL: 86,6 dB
Cms: 0,23 mm/N
Rms: 6,4
Xmax: 13 mm / 0,51"

The box will be placed in the trunk of a 1998 Audi A4 B5.
I think I will go for a ported box, because I mostly listen to HipHop, R'n'B, and a little bit of dubstep, house music and drum 'n' bass.

Ground Zero suggests a 51 liter / 1,79 cb.ft. with a 3"x12" port - As I mentioned earlyier, I'm new to this, so I'm just wondering if a 51 liter box with a 3"x12" port will give a bass that is deep enough for that kind of music I'm listening to?

I've tryied to put in the parameters in WinISD, but I don't really understand the graphs it spits out?

The max dimensions of the box is: 800x430x350 mm / 31,49"x16,92"x13,77" (WxHxD)

I hope somebody can help me out, cuz it has to sound good when I'm finished

- Sorry for my bad english, I'm from Denmark