Ok I just got done designing a box for myself using an L port. I was trying to use aeroports and pvc pipes but to get the tuning I wanted I just needed too big of a box and it was going to cost too much. So I decided I will turn my car into a plain ol street banger and do the best I can with the sub...

Heres my question(s):
Whats the rule of thumb for port area? For Ls I think its 12-15cubic inches per cubic foot
For aero its 9-13 right?

Now - The box I built is 3.78 cubes after displacement / bracing and 12.98 or .97 cubic inches of port area. That is right where it should be at with the recommendations. My question is whats the benefits of having a bigger port vs smaller. I know too small and you basically build a huge whistle, but too big? I was kind of re designing and rethinking of maybe tuning lower (30) and increasing the port to 17.2 inches of port area per cuft... Anyway I think you guys get what I am asking.

I also talked to a few designers (thanks if you guys read this) and they pretty much told me the rule of thumb can be thrown out if you're overpower the sub, underpowering, tuning is different... etc.

Box I am thinking of building now