I have been reading a lot of threads here about this lately, and one in particular caught my eye. The guy said he paid like $7 for a piece of fleece at walmart. I just figured I'd inform you all that do this, in case you didn't already know, that many places that sell fabric (walmart, kmart, actual fabric stores, etc.) also have remnant (left over/unused) that you can buy a whole lot cheaper than buying it off the roll. I got 4 sq. ft. of fleece the other day for $0.75 (normally priced $2 per sq. ft.), as well as some material that is pretty much the same stuff as grille cloth 6 sq ft. for ($0.25)(normally priced at $0.95 per sq ft). just figured i'd let you all know, incase you didn't already. if you know of any other places to get these or other fiberglassing materials cheap, i think this would be a good place to post it.