These are the components I have right now:

Optima Blue Cap
Amps: Jensen 600w 4ch Profile CL800 2ch
Speakers: RMB4 (High) RMB6 (Mid) Comp VR 10" (Sub)
Head: Pioneer MP3
Eq: Legacy 12 Band Passive

My idea:
1. Fiberglass kickpanels for the RMB6's.
2. Fiberglass sub enclosure for Comp VR's.
3. Construct new arm rest to house the Jensen amp. With ventalation.
4. Mount Profile the roof of pickup and fiberglass a new headliner around the amp. Provide ventaltion for amp.
5. Dynamat the entire cab.
6. Mount RMB4's into the stock area of dash.

I have a friend that put his amp on the roof of his S-10 and the thing looked awsome. So I am going to steal that idea!!!! LOLOL
Since it is a regular cab, I have to fabricate a really small box. The Comp VR's have a RMS of 300w and the Profile has a RMS of [email protected] ohm, so I think this is a good match. The box will totally made of fiberglass and MDF (very little). I know that with a totally fiberglass box I will have to brace it really good. With air space restricted to approximately .5 cuft, per sub, I will have to use polyfill to increase it.

Well that is all for now. When I start construction I will post pics for yall. If you have any advise or recommendations email me at [email protected].

Later All