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    good box making tools...

    i need something new to cut my speaker holes with... ive been using a jigsaw and it works, but not great... i see alot of people saying use a router, but i borrowed my friends and when using 3/4mdf the wood started to burn... what tool would you guys suggest? should i still go router? i dont want to spend more than 20-25 dollars... what do you guys think?

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    Re: good box making tools...

    try a new bit on the router it might be dull or slow down a little bit

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    Re: good box making tools...

    I also say try a new bit. Also try cutting only 1/4 inch deep, then cut 1/2 inch deep, and on the 3rd time cut all the way through. You might just be trying to make too large of a cut too fast.

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