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    Enclosure For 3 12s

    I Have 3 Cvr 12s And I Want To Build A Ported Box For Them. I Currently Drive A Explorer And Basically What I Want To Know Is Would There Be Enough Room For Them And Does It Have To Be 3 Seperate Ports Or Can I Do 1 Big One. All Info Is Appreciated.

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    Re: Enclosure For 3 12s

    I would do one box and one port. Really you can do as many ports as you want. But the more you make or the larger they are, the longer they will have to be which will in turn make you box smaller. First figure out how much sapce you want to give each sub. Then figure what size and how many ports you want. Find the total external volume of the ports. Add this number to the volume of the box. Last add the total sub displacement. This is how big your internal dimensions of your box should be.

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