I recently spent 2 1/2 hours on a tech support line to get the correct box dimensions for my subwoofers. In recieving those dimensions, I was struck with a problem... What the heck does all this mean!? I haven't tackled a TRUE box construction as of yet. Mostly I need to know port placement and wether Gross or Net volume is the volume i need to have per driver, and the tuning htz and Intelli-Q how-to.
Here they are...
Orion 2NT
Gross Volume: 2.7cu ft.
Net Volume: 2.32 cu. ft.
Port Diameter: 4" (I get this part, sorta)
Port Lenght: 12" (This one too)
Intelli-Q setting: 30htz @ 6db
Tuning Frequnecy: 24htz

Thanks, and hey, go ahead and laugh at me because I'm so stupid, or at least that's how I feel.